About your Registered Calmbirth Educator

Kate - Northern Beaches Calmbirth

Kate Corbett, director at The Wonders Within has had a passion for working with families throughout her career. Kate graduated from Deakin University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) and an undergraduate degree in Psychology. She worked as a paediatric nurse at the Royal Children’s’ Hospital, later moving to Sydney to work at The Sydney Children’s Hospital in 2005. During this time working with sick children Kate was struck by the absolute importance of illness prevention through health promotion strategies. This desire led her to undertake a Graduate Diploma in Midwifery in 2007.

As a midwife Kate has worked in partnership with women and their partners across the pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal periods. Kate observed that the way in which couples approached labour had a significant impact upon their labour and birth experience.


Becoming a Calmbirth® facilitator


Early on in her midwifery career Kate witnessed the great benefits couples experienced when preparing for their baby’s  birth with the Calmbirth® childbirth program. She noted how much calmer and confident couples were when they had knowledge and understanding of the birth process along with practical skills. In 2014 Kate completed the Calmbirth® educators course.

In the Calmbirth® classes couples learn about how a woman’s body works during labour and birth, breaking down misconceptions about the birth process that can evoke fear and mistrust. There is also an emphasis on understanding the power of the mind-body connection as the emotional state of a mother can directly affect the way her muscles and hormones work during labour. The course is very intensively focused on couples developing a toolkit of practical skills to use throughout the birth. These skills include relaxation, breathing and meditation which can enhance a woman’s ability to work with her body during labour rather than resist it.

Kate provides small group Calmbirth® classes on the New South Wales Central Coast. Kate’s classes combine her midwifery and Calmbirth knowledge along with insights from her own personal Calmbirth birthing experiences.

Kate looks forward to supporting you during this important time of preparation. To view the class schedule click here