Supporting you with nurturing guidance through pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. 

Prepare for a positive and empowered birth

Your mind and body are deeply connected. Your thoughts and feelings physically affect your body, influencing your hormones and muscles and, ultimately, the birth process.

Many parents-to-be are surprised at how fast fear can be replaced with confidence when they gain evidence-based knowledge and learn techniques to work with the birth process. The birth of your baby can be an experience filled with wonder and joy.

How I can help

The Wonders Within provides high quality education that extends from birth preparation to breastfeeding and parenthood education and baby massage.

Central Coast Calmbirth Classes


The Calmbirth® course will provide you with knowledge and practical skills to prepare for an empowered birth. These skills include relaxation, breathing, visualisation, massage, acupressure, and informed decision-making to support you through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Central Coast Calmbirth Classes


If the thought of taking your baby home and being completely responsible for another human is daunting, you are not alone!

 We offer two options to help you prepare. Preparing For Baby is an antenatal course that will provide you with information and skills to support your breastfeeding and parenting journey. 

The Parenting Preparation Package involves an antenatal breastfeeding and newborn essentials session, on-call phone support and a post-birth home visit tailored to your needs. 


Central Coast Calmbirth Classes


The bonds between you and your baby strengthen with frequent, loving, sensitive interactions. Baby massage provides the perfect opportunity to deepen your connection and confidence in interpreting your baby’s cues and responding through sensitive and nurturing touch.



We thought the course was was fabulous! Packed with information and skills that we certainly drew on to navigate our experience and have the positive feelings we have about our daughter’s birth. We were able to make informed decisions when our wishes needed to deviate which helped us to feel empowered.

I truly believe Kate’s Calmbirth course allowed us to have some understanding of the process and gave us the techniques and confidence to navigate birthing and labour which allowed my husband and I to birth our daughter in the way we wished and without the support of any pain medication.

Amazing course!! I recommend it to anyone. Sublime life skills, not just about baby birth. Kate is incredible, she knows what she is doing. We had a natural birth and this course got us through.

Joel & Maryanne September 2019

“My partner and I liked that it was factual and practical. We liked that there were different techniques offered and we were able to choose what was best for us. Kate was very friendly and knowledgeable. The techniques we learnt have also been very useful post labour.”
Thankyou for everything you taught us at our calmbirth course I ended up having my dream birth of no intervention, no drugs and a water birth it was the best most exhilarating experiences of my life I honestly believe this was achieved through practising all the techniques you taught us. Thanks again.

Anna & Liam January 2020

It far exceeded our expectations. Money well spent. Was empowering as we learnt so much about labor, our options and how to have a positive experience regardless of how things unfold. Kate was unbiased and just so lovely and supportive.
Kate is heaven sent! She is so calm and understanding and will go through everything with you. My husband and I started Calmbirth without very much prior knowledge and left feeling prepared, knowledgable and empowered to make decisions. I would recommend Kate’s Calmbirth course to any couple having a baby. We have taken away practical skills and techniques which we will be using on the day of the arrival, and even if all doesn’t go to plan we have the techniques in place to make the best possible birth. The recorded relaxations have also been great to listen to throughout my pregnancy, Kate has a very calm way of speaking and the relaxations help to put me at ease, and also go to sleep! Kate is very passionate and this really comes through her teachings. Thank you so much!
Taking the Calmbirth program with Kate is the best decision we made in our birth preparation! Kate made us feel so comfortable and explained things logically and in a practical way so we feel so much more prepared for an experience that already comes with so many unknowns. We feel empowered to advocate for the birth we want regardless of interventions required and that is an amazing feeling! Thank you so much Kate!
Kate was wonderful. From the moment we walked in her calming presence and warm smile were so welcoming. Her knowledge over the 2 days and what we learnt with her was so helpful and filled in so many gaps for us. We feel so much more prepared and ready for what we are about to experience. And most of all calm and relaxed! Thank you so much Kate.
Very impressed with the calmbirth course and thought Kate was absolutely amazing. My partner and I have learnt so much through completing this course and we both feel a lot more positive and confident about child birth and what to expect as we were both clueless before.
Kate was very thorough and explained everything really well so I could understand. Kate was very kind, caring and passionate throughout the course and gave a lot of time to answer any questions we had.
We can’t thank Kate enough for the knowledge and skills she has provided us. We were reluctant at first to do this course via zoom as we felt that maybe we wouldn’t reap the same benefits as face-to-face however that was far from the truth.

Kate made the online course extremely interactive and we were able to converse with the other couples easily. We learnt all the same skills as we would have in person, the only benefit was that it was from the comfort of our own home. Kate sent us content via the post prior and via email post. We didn’t once feel that we missed out on content or skills and we are forever grateful to Kate for this. My husband and I can’t wait to use our new skills and knowledge when we bring our little one into the world in the next few weeks.

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