Breastfeeding & Newborn Parenting
Preparation on the Central Coast

Prepare for breastfeeding and parenthood with Preparing For Baby or our Complete Parenting Preparation Package.

Find out There is no end to parenting advice, some of it can be helpful, and other times it can just lead to confusion, particularly in the sleepless haze of early parenthood. Investing the time before your baby arrives to develop expectations and practical tools to navigate this time is highly beneficial.

Our courses are based on evidence-based understandings of infant development and breastfeeding and recognise that each baby and family are unique.

The knowledge you will gain from attending either course will provide you with different options and techniques to apply to your particular experience.  The truth is that there is no “one size fits all solution” when it comes to parenting; it takes time to discover what works and to feel confident as a parent.


PREPARING FOR BABY is a 3-hour in-home education session that will provide you with information about breastfeeding, newborn care and early expectations, sleep, settling, crying and the 4th trimester. To find out more please click HERE 

THE COMPLETE PARENTING EDUCATION PACKAGE consists of two in-home education sessions- one that you complete antenatally and the other when your baby is born. This option spaces out the information and ensures you have support in the early days and weeks when you need it most. The postnatal session is completely tailored to your individual needs. Please click HERE to find out more.