Mums and Baby Massage Courses on the Central Coast

Nurturing the Mother

Nurturing the Mother is a 4-week course to support you in developing confidence as a mother and learning to trust your inner knowing through supportive discussions and hands-on techniques, including:

Cue-based baby massage.

Gentle and nurturing strategies to respond to your baby and deepen your connection.

Considerations to nurture your physical and emotional well-being as a mother- whether it is your first or fifth baby!

Learning gentle strategies to support sleep that work with your baby’s sleep biology and developmental needs

Strategies to support you and your baby when your baby is unsettled.

Discussions around breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

Connection with other mums to share and learn from one another.

Navigating conflicting advice and finding YOUR unique way to mother. 

All mums of babies under one year are welcome to attend, but the baby massage component is best suited for babies aged four weeks until crawling (as it becomes a little more challenging to massage babies on the move).


With over 19 years of working with families as a paediatric nurse, midwife, and mother of three Kate brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to facilitate these sessions. At the centre of Kate’s care and facilitation of these groups are sensitive and responsive parenting practices that recognise the uniqueness of each baby and parent.

Central Coast Nurturing the Mother & Baby Massage  Schedule

The Landing Space. 4/33 Forresters Beach Road
Forresters Beach NSW

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You will receive :

  • A full-colour booklet with all Baby Massage strokes to continue your home practice.
  • Organic Baby Massage Oil
  • Nourishing morning tea

Cost: $195


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We both got a lot out of this course. Kate was so helpful and supportive. My partner was apprehensive about attending however got as much if not more out of it than me. I feel empowered to approach labour with a positive mindset rather than filled with anxiety.”
We’re so grateful to Kate for making the Calmbirth course available virtually and for her ongoing support. It’s a scary time to be pregnant, but this course has made us feel confident, empowered and excited about our baby’s birth.We highly recommend this course to all couples expecting a baby.

Jane and Phil (Zoom Calmbirth course) March 2020

Kate was highly knowledgeable of both the calm birth techniques but also the clinical reality of giving birth. Both my partner and myself now feel a lot more confident in bringing our little one into this ever-changing world. We would highly recommend this course!

Emma and Matt (Zoom Calmbirth course) March 2020

We are now heading into birth feeling as prepared as we can be, armed with a lot of useful practical knowledge and with the confidence to ask for our birth experience to be the best experience for us. I would highly recommend this course. Kate was a wonderful presenter who made us feel wholly supported.

Steph and Scott (Zoom Calmbirth Course) March 2020

A nurturing space to support you and your baby