Parenting Workshops on the Central Coast

Supporting Sleep Workshop

This 2-hour workshop is for parents with a baby aged 0-12 months who would like holistic strategies to support their baby’s sleep. You will leave with gentle yet practical strategies to help make sleep times more manageable.

We will discuss the biological regulators that control sleep, normal variations in infant sleep needs, and dispel sleep myths that often increase parental anxiety and guilt. The strategies provided will work with your baby’s physiology and developmental needs.

This session does not promote rigid sleep training approaches.

Upcoming Workshops

Saturday 10th JUNE 10.00 – 12. 00 pm

Where: The Landing Space Studio

Cost: $65 per couple (or single). Babies welcome.


If you require sleep support more urgently please contact Kate via email for a 1:1 consultation.  



We both got a lot out of this course. Kate was so helpful and supportive. My partner was apprehensive about attending however got as much if not more out of it than me. I feel empowered to approach labour with a positive mindset rather than filled with anxiety.”
We’re so grateful to Kate for making the Calmbirth course available virtually and for her ongoing support. It’s a scary time to be pregnant, but this course has made us feel confident, empowered and excited about our baby’s birth.We highly recommend this course to all couples expecting a baby.

Jane and Phil (Zoom Calmbirth course) March 2020

Kate was highly knowledgeable of both the calm birth techniques but also the clinical reality of giving birth. Both my partner and myself now feel a lot more confident in bringing our little one into this ever-changing world. We would highly recommend this course!

Emma and Matt (Zoom Calmbirth course) March 2020

We are now heading into birth feeling as prepared as we can be, armed with a lot of useful practical knowledge and with the confidence to ask for our birth experience to be the best experience for us. I would highly recommend this course. Kate was a wonderful presenter who made us feel wholly supported.

Steph and Scott (Zoom Calmbirth Course) March 2020

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