Supporting you with nurturing guidance through pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood.

Your best birth begins within

Your mind and body are deeply connected. Your thoughts and feelings physically affect your body, influencing your hormones and muscles and, ultimately, the birth process.

Many parents-to-be are surprised at how fast fear can be replaced with confidence when they gain evidence-based knowledge and learn techniques to work with the birth process. The birth of your baby can be an experience filled with wonder and joy.

How I can help

The Wonders Within provides high quality education that extends from birth preparation to breastfeeding and parenthood education and baby massage.

Central Coast Calmbirth Classes


The Calmbirth® course will provide you with knowledge and practical skills to prepare for an empowered birth. These skills include relaxation, breathing, visualisation, massage, acupressure, and informed decision-making to support you through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Central Coast Calmbirth Classes


If the thought of taking your baby home and being completely responsible for another human is daunting, you are not alone!

 We offer two options to help you prepare. Preparing For Baby is an antenatal course that will provide you with information and skills to support your breastfeeding and parenting journey. 

The Parenting Preparation Package involves an antenatal breastfeeding and newborn essentials session, on-call phone support and a post-birth home visit tailored to your needs. 



Central Coast Calmbirth Classes


The bonds between you and your baby strengthen with frequent, loving, sensitive interactions. Baby massage provides the perfect opportunity to deepen your connection and confidence in interpreting your baby’s cues and responding through sensitive and nurturing touch.



My husband and I attended the Calmbirth course with Kate. Kate is amazing, unbelievably knowledgeable, we don’t know how we could have had the best possible birth without attending this course. We not only become educated and empowered about our choices, we also made new friends. This course exceeded our expectations and we can’t speak highly enough of Kate. If you are considering doing this course, you won’t have any regrets after completing it. (Shel, Google Review)

So worth the money. Having Kate be the one to run the course made it even better. Kate genuinely cares and you can tell she is passionate. My husband got so much out of the course and was so happy to have learnt many skills and info. Thank you so much Kate. (Sara Google Review)

Amazing course!! I recommend it to anyone. Sublime life skills, not just about baby birth. Kate is incredible, she knows what she is doing. We had a natural birth and this course got us through.

Joel & Maryanne September 2019

Thankyou for everything you taught us at our calmbirth course I ended up having my dream birth of no intervention, no drugs and a water birth it was the best most exhilarating experiences of my life I honestly believe this was achieved through practising all the techniques you taught us. Thanks again.

Anna & Liam January 2020

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