Calmbirth® FAQ

Who can benefit from attending a Calmbirth® course?

Calmbirth® can be of great benefit regardless of whether this is your first or subsequent pregnancy.

Some of the reasons you may wish to attend are:

  • If you or your partner have fears relating to the birth?
  • You dream of feeling confident and positive towards your baby’s birth
  • You want a calm start for your baby
  • You want to develop your own resources to experience labour and birth calmly
  • You want to increase your understanding of how your body works in labour
  • You wish to learn more about what you can do to birth as naturally as possible and promote successful breastfeeding and bonding.
Is there any scientific research that has studied the effects of Calmbirth® on labour and birth?

A study conducted at the Royal Hospital for women in Randwick between Jan 2008 and June 2013 surveyed women’s experiences in labour and birth following attendance at a Calmbirth® course. Results were compared with statistics from the general population of birthing mothers in the 2010 NSW Mothers and Babies Report. View the report here.

When is the best time to attend?

The optimal time to attend the course is between 24-34 weeks of pregnancy. However there is still benefit to be gained if you need to attend outside of this time, it may mean that you will have less time to practice the techniques though if attending late in your pregnancy.

Is there any research to support the Calmbirth® teachings?

Calmbirth® incorporates research from a variety of disciplines including obstetric, midwifery, cellular biology, neuroscience and medicine. The program is founded on the pioneering work of English obstetrician Grantley Dick Read who recognised the significant influence beliefs, either positive or negative, have on the physiology of the woman’s body in childbirth. Current research by Dr Candace Pert, Dr Bruce Lipton, Herbert Benson and Dr Joe Dispenza have validated his work.

Does Calmbirth® take the place of hospital classes?

Calmbirth® differs from traditional childbirth education in that the focus is more on developing your own inner resources for labour, releasing fear, and providing information and strategies to assist you to make informed decisions relating to you and your baby. You may wish to find out further information about what the particular content of the hospital classes and make a decision based on that as to whether you wish to attend both.

Is Calmbirth® only for couples planning a natural birth?

Calmbirth® is a program that assists couples to understand how a woman’s body is designed to birth her baby along with practical techniques to work with the birth process. It is not a prescription for a particular kind of birth experience but rather about providing knowledge so you can create the best birth experience, however this unfolds. For some women this may mean the need for medical assistance to achieve the safest birth for mother and baby but this can still be a calm and positive birth experience.



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