Class Schedule & Pricing


The Wonders Within runs Calmbirth® courses over two consecutive Sundays from 9.15 am – 5.00 pm in East Gosford. Bookings are limited to five couples per course to ensure there is plenty of time for questions and discussion.

The cost of attending per couple is $495. This includes:

  • Attendance at the two day Calmbirth® course
  • Calmbirth® class book
  • Calmbirth® guided relaxation downloads
  • Ongoing phone support during your pregnancy if required
  • Morning & afternoon tea at your course
  • Post birth call up to 30 mins duration if desired

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Two day Calmbirth® workshops on the Central Coast


All courses commence at 9.15 am and finish by 5.00 pm.

7th & 14th July                          Filling

18th & 25th August                   

22nd & 29th September  

October                                        No classes will be scheduled during October

17th & 24th November

8th & 15th December








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