On the 8th of October, we welcomed our newest edition to the world. I was confident and comfortable to labour at home for 20 hours during my pre-labour stage, thanks to the Calmbirth tools.

It wasn’t until I was in active labour I headed to the hospital & had our baby within 3 hours. I had a drug-free unassisted vaginal water birth. It was nothing less than amazing. 

Calmbirth provided amazing meditation & visualization techniques to really help me prepare for the birth in the late stages of pregnancy. Kate gave me amazing support 24/7 & provided me with lots of knowledge during my pregnancy, there wasn’t a question she couldn’t answer.

In the early stages of my labour at home, the Calmbirth tools helped me to remain calm and focused on my breathing. I was happy knowing these surges were bringing my baby to me. In the early stages at home, I remained really focused on my breath & visualized meeting my baby every time a surge would come. I used the bath to relax and my support team provided a massage & acupressure techniques during this period. I found swaying & the use of the ball really helpful.


When arriving at the hospital my midwife had set the room to my request – a dark setting, candles & affirmations playing on a speaker. I laboured on the ball, used the toilet to work my baby down into position & then I got into the bath when I felt the urge to push to safely deliver our baby.

The experience was absolutely unreal & I would confidently do it all again in a heartbeat. CalmBirth really focuses on trusting your body & your ability to birth – I love this!

Calm Birth helped my support team know exactly what I needed & when I needed it, without me having to say anything. The fear around birthing needs to be changed & Calmbirth takes the perfect approach to this.

From one mum to another; “I am strong, I am powerful, I am in control – and so are you”.   Roo